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Sari Bhool Hamari Thi – Finale


First of all, sorry for the ‘absent’ reviews. Coming back to the serial, well we all know that karma bites back and bites real bad. Areesha was the first victim, but with the help of phopo, Mohsin and especially Abrar, she was able to get back on her feet. Instead of wallowing in self pity, she learned from her mistakes and after much effort, forgave herself and moved on.

It wasn’t so easy for Subhan and his family, however. Even after ruining the lives of Areesha and her mother, there was no hint of guilt in the family. The only people who felt sorry were Fatima and her father, both of whom didn’t have much to do with all the dirty tactics Tai Ami used against Areesha.

4The damage started when Maryam’s secret love affair got disclosed. No one minded Subhan’s secret marriage but when it came to Maryam, everyone’s inflated ‘ghairat’ came in action. Her running away was the first blow which resulted in the shocking death of Subhan’s father. Maryam didn’t reach her paradise either because Fahad conveniently decided not to show up. Naturally, her family didn’t accept her when she returned in a shattered state and as a result, phopo took her in as well.

The ever submissive Fatima, who, despite being the sanest person in the family, never had the courage to speak up for herself, finally took a stand and decided to return to her home. Der ayed, durust ayed. Noman and Hameeda begum were left to live in a pool of regret.


Subhan’s ‘anjam’ was perhaps the worst of all and I thought the blow would somehow change him for the better. But some people never change. Sania’s humiliating attitude towards him should have made him realise the true value of family. He did realise what he had lost and wanted it back but without giving up the lavish lifestyle Sania provided him. He wanted everything; his family’s attention, Areesha’s love and Sania’s money, without giving anything up. He cheated on his wife by proposing Areesha, not because he truly loved her, but because he had always thought of her as his possession. After seeing her with Abrar, he got jealous probably because he thought Abrar was beneath him and wasn’t worth Areesha’s attention.

What he didn’t realise was that Areesha had matured a lot after he left. She was finally able to spot the difference between true love and selfish affection. Subhan’s hypocrisy only made her appreciate Abrar even more than she already did. He was the opposite of Subhan in every way; the way he dotted on her, cared about her and was ready to take her responsibility instead of expecting her to make sacrifices for him. For once in her life, she made a wise decision by accepting the latter’s proposal. Speaking of which, I loved the way he countered her hesitation by confidently exclaiming that she won’t be able to find a ‘shehzada’ like him.

Another scene I enjoyed a lot was the one where Areesha literally trapped Subhan with such ease that I was surprised he didn’t smell anything fishy. After all the hostility she showed towards him, it didn’t strike him as surprising when she asked him to take her out, buy her flowers and then cross question him about his future plans with her? Sania’s arrival went unnoticed by him either, even though Areesha clearly passed her a smile when she came in. I guess he was too busy thinking of his bright future with Sania’s money and Areesha. Anyway he totally deserved the public humiliation. It still didn’t change him though. Without any shame he demanded his mother to finance his dream business by selling her house. Good of Noman to kick him out. The only thing I liked about him.

Now, things that I couldn’t quite digest:

Fahad’s family sending a proposal for Maryam. I mean, how??? That is just too idealistic. I also couldn’t get over the fact that Maryam actually FORGAVE that man for ditching her earlier.

Noman didn’t face any consequences after all he did with Areesha. Or tried to, at least. Instead he found himself a bride, married her privately and brought her home to his mother. And she had no objections. Even if Noman was fine with a simple Nikah ceremony in which he bother to invite his mother, how can the girl’s family agree to such an agreement?

Overall, I am glad I watched this serial. Great acting by the 3 leads, Danish Taimoor being the perfect bad boy any girl would fall for, Ayeza Khan as the idealistic but headstrong Areesha and Affan Waheed, the quiet and responsible Abrar. The rest of the cast, both young and old, were amazing as well, portraying their characters brilliantly and making them come to life. I did have a problem with the loud background score but I guess that’s just a trademark of Geo’s serials and
I wished phopo would tone down her Urdu, though. Oh well.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi

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Sari Bhool Hamari Thi episode 18 – Review

I learnt two things from this episode: There is no one more harmful than a self righteous person; and karma is vengeful. Tai Ami’s lack of guilt after all she did with Areesha was astonishing. Surely she must have developed some affection for the girl, after all those years of ‘loving her more than her kids’. Noman was never my favourite but he has sunk even lower (if that’s possible).

abarAbrar is the only one who has managed to come out of the situation with grace. His ability to see something positive in every situation is what makes him so different from others who only see their benefit.

As for Areesha, despite all the strength she put in to fight the people she once loved, is now broken once again. She is ashamed of everyone, including Abrar whom she doesn’t want to face, for no reason. Though the constant sobbing has subsided, the pain is still there and so is the guilt of mistreating her mother for people who weren’t worth it.

fatphHowever, she is not suffering alone. Fatima is facing equal repercussions. She has absolutely no say in her mother’s house so she can’t stop them from using dirty tactics and at home she has to digest Mohsin’s extra care for Areesha. In such situations, how long can a person stay positive? So she has started to crack under all the pressure. It is Mohsin’s fault as well, he pays absolutely no attention to her and all he can talk about is Areesha. Fine we get it, she is your ‘zimedari’ now. Repeating it a 100 times in front of your wife will only irritate her. He should be a little considerate towards Fatima.

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Sari Bhool Hamari Thi episode 17 – Review

It was an interesting episode but the promos gave away most of what happened and that lessened its excitement. Areesha, despite her newly found confidence powered by her anger and vengeance for Subhan’s family, still has a soft corner for him and is still looking for excuses which will justify his betrayal. Mohsin and phopo’s support has given her more strength.

esrskdHowever, while that is good for Areesha, it is Fatima who has to suffer. Mohsin is too worried about Areesha to care about his wife and at times, he even gets angry at her for things that aren’t her fault. She is good at heart and cares about Areesha too but if Mohsin’s behaviour remains the same, it won’t be long before she starts holding grudges against Areesha.

aresrNoman and his mother, despite Fatima’s constant requests, stooped down to new levels to get hold of her property. But this time, they weren’t dealing with the Areesha who would steal jewellery from her mother. The girl facing them was just as angry as they were greedy and she has no intentions of stepping back. But in our society, no matter how strong a girl is, she is over powered by dirty tactics. Luckily for Areesha, Abrar was just in time to save her from Noman’s filthy intentions. In the process, however, he couldn’t protect himself and Areesha from Tai Ami’s allegations.

The scene in which Noman forces her to sign marriage papers was brilliantly choreographed and the actors did a great job. Areesha’s walk around the house, reliving memories of her mother was full of quiet emotions. Her regret was palpable. Subhan, selfish as he is, was missed in this episode.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi

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Sari Bhool Hamari Thi episode 16 – Review

.klsejNo matter how much how much I disregard Areesha’s character, it was still sad to see her bubble burst. She could turn against anyone, even her beloved Tai Ami for wronging her, but she couldn’t suspect Subhan and this blind trust that she placed in him blew up in her face. When she heard Noman and Tai Ami scheming against her, she forgot all her tall claims about them being her ‘apne’ and lashed out at them. Noman, as a result, told her the truth about Subhan in the crudest manner possible. Even then she refused to believe him. Subhan wasn’t like his family, he was just as madly in love with her as she was with him. haueyBut, it was time for her to face reality and if she chose to face it the hard way then so be it. Without any doubt about Subhan’s sincerity, she called him and told him all the ‘lies’ his family was telling her about him.  A bit embarrassed and scared Subhan, who had delayed this moment up till now had no choice but to come out clean. He cared about Areesha and felt sorry for hurting her like this but his goals were more important than his or anyone else’s feelings. It was clearly portrayed in the scene when he was telling Sania the reason he couldn’t tell Areesha the truth, that she would have died if she would’ve known about their marriage. Sania easily took his guilt away by telling him about their upcoming trip to Switzerland. The only way to hold Subhan’s attention is money. Hold some out and he will be lured. She knows it and she is successfully controlling him like a puppet. The girl either lacks self respect or is over confident because few girls accept a man who openly marry them for money alone. (BTW who smiles while watching news about war? Director sahab, channel to change karwa dete.) ajweWhile he was planning his extended honeymoon, Areesha had a nervous breakdown and Mohsin, sensing trouble, took her to his house, where she lied motionless for days. Understandably, both Mohsin and his mother, after finding out the reason of her trauma, openly condemned Subhan and his family even when Fatima was around. She is only person I truly feel sorry for. No matter what she does to strengthen her position in her house, her family always embarrasses her and all her efforts go down the drain. Naturally, she has started to resent Areesha since every time she faced embarrassment in her house, it was because of her. Nabila and Mohsin are very partial to Areesha and rarely hold her responsible for any of her stupid mistakes. Fatima is the one who suffers. keioeThanks to Abrar, however, Areesha finally came out of her pitiful condition and confronted Tai Ami. With all the strength she could muster, she told them to hand over her property to her or face her in court. Next episode will show the implications of this threat. By Farwa Batool Naqvi Follow Farwa on Twitter: @fbNaqvi Read more from Farwa here.

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Sari Bhool Hamari Thi episodes 14 & 15 – Review

saniaThe story has taken a sharp and interesting turn. Subhan have shown how far he can go to achieve his goals. He doesn’t care how many people he hurts and that he might lose his family is not a big deal for him. Sania is the only person who matters to him. Her blunt proposal brought forward all those opportunities that he would miss if he turned it down. Her visit to his house and admiration of his family, made him appreciate her as a person as well. The acting of the girl who played Sania, however, is a huge turn off, with all the useless hand gestures and fake accent.

siueyriwesAreesha, blindly in love with him, didn’t see it coming. Subhan bringing Sania home clearly indicated the change in Subhan’s intentions but Areesha, being the simpleton that she is, or should I say an idiot, didn’t even confront him about this. Instead she heard him insult her and later went to apologise for her rudeness. At times, I feel she deserves what she is about to get. She has hurt so many people for this ungrateful man, who doesn’t even care about her. She lied to her mother and broke her trust for a man who didn’t even look back once he found his way out.

dsgdgThough Subhan had qualms about his decision and he did refuse Sania’s proposal. But the lure of money and lavish lifestyle silenced his conscience. He accepted her help and quietly made all the arrangements. Once abroad, Subhan was free to do whatever he wanted, without anyone’s pressure and the first thing he did was marry Sania. He is now out of Noman’s way as well, who is vigorously pursuing Areesha now. That is extremely irritating for her, who refuses to hear anything against Subhan.

She has started to suspect Maryam, though, who is secretly meeting her boyfriend despite being engaged to someone else. Things are about to get ugly for both Areesha and Maryam, let’s see how each one of them take it.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi

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Sari Bhool Hamari Thi episode 13 – Review

6Ok I used to sympathise with the character of Noman since he was always taken for granted by his family unlike Subhan, but now he just disgusts me. It’s ok if he wants to marry Areesha but there is a way of expressing it. It seems like he doesn’t know how to talk in a civil manner. He sounded like he was talking about an object, there was absolutely no respect in his tone. The way he looked at her when he brought her the present, which made Subhan furious, was nauseating to be honest.

7Subhan had every right to be furious with his brother. Except, he is no different from him. He, too, doesn’t ever respect her and takes her for granted. His only motive at the moment is getting Areesha to agree to hand over her house to him. Though he loves Areesha (something that really amazed me) he can’t and won’t accept her without her property and wealth.

Areesha, who is still unaware of whatever is going on between the two brothers, was busy trying to make Maryam tell her secret. In many ways, Maryam is a lot more mature than Areesha. She almost fell down while she was ‘in love’, which seemed more of an infatuation, but then realised where she was headed and jumped back on the right course. Even Areesha’s vocal wonder at her normal attitude right after her breakup, didn’t push her in regret. Areesha should have taken notes.

5However, she was busy worrying about Subhan’s attitude. He didn’t take any time to stoop down to new levels and insult her in front of Abrar. So much for his ‘sacha pyar’. I wonder when Areesha will be able to see reason and get over him. Then again, it isn’t easy to forget someone you’ve loved all your life.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi

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Sari Bhool Hamari Thi episode 9 – Review

Untitled-7 copyDefinitely a very sad episode, but one that has completely changed the course of the story. Areesha’s fate is about to change and it definitely won’t be for the better. Adila couldn’t survive the heart attack and after making Nabila promise that she’ll take care of Areesha, passed away. Areesha who was already ashamed for her behaviour which led to this mess, is now devastated, oblivious to what her beloved Tai is planning to do with her.

jjkedkPart of Areesha’s condition is her sense of guilt. Naturally, she blames herself for her mother’s death and is right to do so. The only thing Adila had on her mind when she died was Areesha and her blind trust on Subhan’s family. Nabila too, openly blamed Areesha for her immature and selfish attitude. She also tried to tell her the real reason of Tai Ami’s unending love.

uurrsjdOn the other hand, Fatima is being reprimanded for agreeing to wear Areesha’s jewellery. Even though she tried to clarify her position by telling both Mohsin and his mother that she did refuse to accept the jewellery, it was of no use. Which is pretty unfair, in my opinion. Fatima’s position in her family isn’t that strong and no one can influence her mother. Nabila should have known how manipulative her sister-in-law really is. A grown woman like Adila couldn’t manage to say no to her demands. How can she expect Fatima to do so? Any way, she is facing a tough time in her new home and is angry with Areesha for stealing from her own house.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi

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