Sari Bhool Hamari Thi episodes 7 & 8 – Review

13 Sep

hyjjsA lot happened in this week’s episodes. Areesha has gone beyond her boundaries to help her bechari Tai ami, completely disregarding her mother’s wishes. And she didn’t regret what she’d done for a second. How can a grownup girl be so senseless? Or should I say selfish?

On the other hand, Moshin let go of his promise of secrecy and told his mother about Areesha’s visit to his office. Now that Nabila knows the truth behind Mohsin’s change of mind, the only thing she can think of is telling Adila about her daughter’s ‘lachan’. Well not exactly in a negative sense, she just wants her sister-in-law to put up her guard.

ndhdjmSubhan once again displayed his narrow mindedness, by yelling at Areesha for asking Abrar to bring her some gajre (even though it wasn’t a pyar bhari request). Though he made up for it later by bringing her gajre himself, but he couldn’t hide his hypocrisy. He isn’t head over heels in love with Areesha, he has made that clear many times by making fun of ‘gullible girls’ in front of Abrar. Yet he has the guts to criticise her for talking to her cousin. Then again, who doesn’t feel possessive about their trophies, because that is all that Areesha is for Subhan.

A huge shock awaited Adila at the wedding, when she saw Fatima wearing Areesha’s jewellery that she had kept safely at her house. Her daughter’s betrayal was too much for her. Areesha made it worse when Adila confronted her for stealing from her own house. As she stomped away in anger after accusing her mother of being materialistic and selfish, Adila, broken by Areesha’s cruel remarks received her final blow. While her daughter sought solace in her beloved Tai ami’s arms, she suffered a heart attack, which might even take her life.

On the other hand, Mohsin and Fatima’s new life took a strange start as the bride was left alone at home, the entire night. Both Mohsin and his mother went off to the hospital, I don’t understand why he couldn’t have come back once Adila was stable. If Fatima would have complained about this sort of negligence, I wouldn’t have blamed her at all.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi

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