Tar-e-Ankaboot – An Overview

03 Sep

Tare-AnkabootFasih Bari Khan is known for penning down different issues of our society with a fluency and accuracy that can only be associated with him. Tar-e-Ankaboot is another one of his master piece. It is a perfect portrayal of how evil and negative a human mind can get and at the same time, it also reflects the importance of relationships.

Tabinda and Baqir, an unhappy couple, are leading a miserable life as the latter is unable to fulfill his wife’s expectations. Tabinda, apparently a masochist who glorifies her first husband’s violence against her by claiming abuse was his way of declaring his love for her, obviously finds it hard to tolerate Baqir’s weak mental state. His impotency adds to her dislike. She desires his attention but is unable to get it and that has made her bitter and frustrated. In short, she has mixed feelings for her husband.

On the other hand is Nain Tara, a former student of Baqir who still harbours feelings for him. Feelings that are strong enough for her to go to Hazrat Bibi, a mysterious woman who practices black magic, to use magic to help her get him. Baqir’s feelings for her are not known, however. Hazrat Bibi’s magic does influence him to go to her but whether he really does care about her isn’t clear. I wouldn’t blame him if he was, considering the foul behavior of his wife towards him.

Then there is Tayaba, a friend of Tabinda, another attention seeking soul who is afraid she’ll never find true love and get married. Her mother’s constant taunting has made her more desperate and is fiercely attracted to a playboy who lives next door.

How all these characters come together and how their fates cross each others is anybody’s guess. The strong storyline, perfect acting and flawless direction have given this play an extremely good start. All three of the episodes aired so far have been successful in pushing the story forward and yet leaving you at a mysterious point where you can’t help but ask for more.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi

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