Adhoori Aurat episode 19 – Review

28 Aug

huhIt seems like there is no end to Maryam’s suffering. Yesterday’s episode of Adhoori Aurat was extremely shocking and sad. The death of Sultan and Professor Sahib was so sudden and uncalled for that even I couldn’t believe for a few minutes. Zayan and his family acted humane for a few minutes and I actually thought that after this incident, his mother, in sympathy for Maryam, will try to make him change his mind about marrying Faiza. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

nahiiiThe most upsetting part, apart from the fact that in a matter of minutes Maryam’s family has been destroyed forever, was that she didn’t know anything about the change of heart her husband had gone through in a few days or months. She has lost her father and brother forever and now her husband as well. I wonder how she will react when she gets to know that it was actually Zayan who called and told them he would divorce Maryam, which made her brother lose control and crash the car.

There was a bit of good news. Maryam has now completely recovered and the danger of cancer growing again has passed. But she is yet to face another challenge and I can only guess how Zayan’s selfish decision will affect her and her family.

sgdrfgtZayan, being the jerk that he is, wasted no time at all in marrying Faiza. We’ll see how it works. For Maryam’s sake, I hope Faiza makes Zayan realize that almost all his decisions were totally wrong, especially the one of marrying her.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi


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