Sari Bhool Hamari Thi episode 1 – Review

22 Aug

1173890_625327250832358_389689192_nThe wait was finally over last night when ‘Sari Bhool Hamari Thi’ hit the television screen with a pretty fantastic cast selection. This was the first episode so not much could be sorted out, the start of many incomplete stories came across with, of course, a long way to go.

Areesha, the college girl came out to be the attention seeker in this first episode. She is the daughter of a school teacher and because her mother is unable to give time to her; she has been turning towards her paternal aunt, Tai Hameed. The daughters of Tai Hameed; Marium and Fatima are jealous of their mother giving all the attention to Areesha rather than them.  Areesha did show some aspects of her personality in this first episode, her ignorance towards eating the same food, her anger when Subhan made fun of her sketch, her hidden love for Subhan, peeking at him while he was styling his hair are signs that I have found up till now, I’m sure there are a lot more to come.

Moving on from Areesha, I saw some furious actions made by Ibraar towards his paternal uncle and they seemed pretty justified when we got to know that his mum was treated like a maid and Ibraar’s uncle never bore his studies or any other expenses. The house they live in isn’t owned by his uncle alone; Ibraar and his mum have equal rights on it as well. Ibraar’s aunt is pretty much the reason why this family is turning into a mess. She has a selfish, evil character that she uses for all the other members except her own husband and her daughter. She has been driving her husband’s thoughts vicious too. In the beginning, making a big deal out of a few things Ibraar said to Bushra, his cousin, then later forcing her husband to get Ibraar married to Bushra (her daughter) so that the property stays within their own control shows exactly how wicked she could be.

The character of Mohsin is yet to come out to its full. In that one glimpse all I can say is that Mohsin is shy and an obedient son. When it comes to marriage, he would probably marry someone of his mother’s choice.

All in all there were a lot of flavours thrown into the first chapter. The mixed character of Areesha, the enraged actions of Ibraar, the wicked thoughts of Ibraar’s paternal aunt, the ignorance of Tai Hameed towards her own daughters but going to extra lengths for Areesha. Is Areesha really in love with Subhan?
Is Subhan the right choice after his not so expressive feelings?
Would this risk of Areesha falling for Subhan pay off or would it be just a mere attraction to go futile?

We’ll find out in the coming up episodes.

By Ali Rizvi

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