Kankar episode 10 – Review

03 Aug

I’ll be honest, with the pace Kankar is moving, it’ll loose its charm very soon. I mean I still don’t know what the actual story line is! The actors are great, the dialogues are outstanding but the direction has made the show slower than a snail.

I thought that this week we will get to see the hidden, chauvinist side of Sikander but all we saw was one scene where he tells Kiran to come home over a phone call and refuses to pick her up. It wasn’t new at all because we saw it last week in the promos. So far all I’ve deciphered is that ‘shadi’ is the ultimate fate of every girl and if she doesn’t get married it will make her worthy of sneering at. Every scene revolved around the same word: shadi.

10-1The scenes involving Kiran and Sikander were, of course, the highlight. The chemistry between Fahad and Sanam, their acting and the dialogues made their scenes extremely adorable. The love and affection Sikander showered over Kiran did remind me of a fairy tale. His love was not only made obvious by the money he spent on her, but in each one of his gestures; the way he looked at her, smiled at her and even the way he talked to her. Fahad Mustafa took each subtlety into account and is indisputably one of the pros of romance on screen.

There were minor developments like Arzoo’s engagement and her complete lack of interest in her fiancé, her hatred towards Kiran and Irum’s wedding. I don’t understand what is the matter with Arzoo’s family. Sikander is married now, being bitter about it won’t help in any way! And Arzoo’s parents are the most tactless people I’ve ever seen. The girl has just been through heart break, now is not the time to push her into another relationship! There are several other ways to divert her attention and bring her back to normal without making her a bitter person. She is a student, they should let her study further, motivate her to involve herself in different activities instead of thinking about what her married future would be. Considering the ‘class’ they belong to, I was pretty surprised at the mentality of her mother when she criticized Kiran’s decision to complete her studies instead of sitting home.  Arzoo’s comments about Kiran’s changed attitude were extremely harsh. I was pretty surprised at the amount of loathing she displayed towards her ex-best friend. I thought Arzoo wasn’t class conscious like her mother, but I guess she the feeling was underlying or maybe she just couldn’t find any other way to vent her anger.

Sikander’s mother is being really tactful here, she has managed to assuage her sister’s anger but that didn’t make her disrupt the peace of her own home.

Glad to see Adnan getting back to normal. I wish Rukhsar would get less screen time, I want to smack her every time I see her.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi



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2 responses to “Kankar episode 10 – Review

  1. Rangeen misaaj

    November 5, 2013 at 6:06 am

    Thanks for the review 😉 im an indian girl but i also like watching pakistani dramas. have you reviewed humsafar by any chance

    • A Fanatic's Review

      November 5, 2013 at 3:22 pm

      Hello, nice to hear from you 🙂 no sadly, I just recently started writing reviews so I didn’t review Humsafar. I was caught up in the mania though, like everyone else 😉 – Farwa


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